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Iron Ponies This Week: September 12-September 18

By Tiffany Surran, 09/12/22, 12:15PM CDT


Dear Iron Ponies,

Long story short on my email addresses....I have access again to but I do not have access right now to  It's frustrating but Google is changing out their older business suite emails (like Deuces and Iron Horse) and updating them and it is causing all kinds of headaches.  Unfortunately, if you emailed me over Labor Day weekend through last Wednesday, I did not get your email on the Iron Horse account and now the same is happening on the Deuces account.  I will not see them either when my email is finally recovered.  

Schedule This Week:

September 17th Saturday 8:00 AM 9:00 AM Ponies Practice 2032 Grass Middle
September 17th Saturday 8:00 AM 9:00 AM Ponies Practice 2033 Grass West
September 17th Saturday 8:00 AM 9:00 AM Ponies Practice 2034 Grass East

I was unable to get my uniform this past weekend

If you did not pick up your items this past weekend, they are with the following people:

2034:  Gallagher

2033:  Dale

2032:  Haglin

Iron Horse Jersey's Please Check Spelling On Both Sides

Our jersey's are completely custom and with that occasionally they sew 2 wrong sides together.  We know this happened once so we are asking everyone to check both sides so I can yours redone right away if necessary.  Please send the following information to  

  • Player First and Last Name,
  • Grad Year
  • Pictures of both sides of the jersey so that I can send this off to the manufacturer.  

Reminder About Not Pulling In The Grass Gate

Although very tempting, please do not pull into the grass gate at the fields.  The only people that are allowed to pull back there are coaches and Jesuit staff.  It's a safety issue with all of the little kids out there running around so please help us keep the kids safe and abide by Jesuit's rules.  We had to tell some families to move this weekend. 


If anyone missed the socks this weekend and wants a pair of socks that match the uniform, please Venmo @IronHorse-Lacrosse (QR code below) $12 and add the following to the notes:

  • Player first and last name
  • Graduation Year

I will hand them out at the end of the practice this weekend.  


Tiffany Surran