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Iron Horse Academy

Introducing Iron Horse Lacrosse

Iron Horse is looking for the most dedicated, passionate, courageous, hard working, disciplined and skilled lacrosse players to participate on their summer teams. We know these attributes are what correlate to success in life and success on the field. Iron Horse is in the character building and dream business and for those young people that are part of our club and dedicate themselves fully to becoming the best person and player they can be, our staff will sacrifice, prepare and dedicate themselves to helping each of those players achieve their loftiest goals.

Many of our members will have dreams to play lacrosse in college at some level. The summer is the most critical times of the college recruiting season for recruitable players and must be utilized properly. Thus, Iron Horse will compete in some of the best summer tournaments in order to provide maximum exposure to our club members. It is our belief that the Iron Horse practices give each player the ability to prepare for success at these summer recruiting events. By the time of each summer tournament, each player will be in excellent physical condition and ready to perform at their highest level of capability. The Iron Horse practices will be up tempo, skill centric and fun. Iron Horse will develop both individual and team skills during the summer practices in order to put each team and each team member in the best possible position to have success at the summer events. Our players will be students of the game and of life and will learn through action, lecture and film study. We will work together tirelessly in order to secure one another’s success. We will rejoice together when those successes come and we will protect one another during times of adversity. Iron Horse will be a family that rides together for a lifetime.

We want you to run with us!