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Iron Horse Quick Reference Guide, Master Calendar and Positional Skills

By Tiffany Surran, 05/07/19, 2:45PM CDT


Dear Horses,

The summer select season is barreling towards us with lightening speed!  This email contains a lot of information:

  • Master Summer Iron Horse Calendar:  Practices, Positional Skills etc.
  • Iron  Horse Quick Reference Guide:  Tournament Information by team, hotel blocks by tournament, Coaches/Team managers emails, Summer film and more will be added as the summer progresses.
  • Positional Skills

Master Summer Iron Horse Dallas Calendar

CLICK HERE FOR OUR SUMMER 2019 MASTER CALENDAR This link is also on our home page so you can easily find it whenever you need it.  Remember that this form is a live form and we will have some minor changes like changing what fields you will be on throughout the summer so I have disabled the file from being downloaded.  Hopefully not too many changes to the schedule from here on out.  

Tabs on the bottom of the schedule:  We have broken out the youth practices, high school practices and master skills calendar on tabs to make it easier to read what pertains to you.

Youth teams:  I have added in a few extra practices already since we had such a wet spring I am just being proactive about summer!

High School:  I usually hear from you all about finals and why do we have practices during finals.  We don't expect to see you during your finals week.  Study hard grades are very important in the recruiting process but our kids come from all over the metroplex and our finals period tends to span for about a month so don't stress about not coming during your finals week.  

Iron Horse Quick Reference Guide

I am always looking for better ways to stay organized and help you stay organized so I created a new document that is also on the home page of the website so you can quickly find it when you need to.  CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE IRON HORSE SUMMER 2019 QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE.  This is also a live form and will be updated throughout the summer season.

Tab 1:  The first tab contains tournament information by team:  Tournament names, dates, locations, when first and last games are to aid in flight planning and notes.

Tab 2:  Coaches and team managers emails.  Only youth are up right now.  As soon as Jesuit is finished with their season I will update for high school.  

Tab 3:  Summer film tab:  This tab will be updated with summer film companies and costs for 2023-2020 players that want film.

Tab 4:  Chaperoning and coaches flights.  For 2023-2020 only.  If you want to be chaperoned for the summer please CLICK HERE and fill out our chaperoning form.  As soon as Jesuit is finished with their season I will update this tab with coaches flight information.  

Summer Positional Skills

Our summer skills registration is live!


The summer skills schedule is on the master calendar linked above and positional skills is broken out on the 4th tab.  

Back by popular demand I was able to make the skills sessions and the practices back to back about 50% of the time throughout the summer to make it easier on everyone.  

I know that our skill sessions don't need a lot of introduction to our team players but they are capped at a certain number for high repetition and they are the cornerstone of our program and have truly made a lot of players great.  

Let me know if you have any questions!

Good luck to all of our high school players in playoffs!  Leave it all on the field!


Tiffany Surran