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Positional Skills

Dallas Summer 2022 Positional Skills

Summer 2022 Positional Skills

5th-8th Attack
5th-8th Midfield
5th-8th Defense
5th-8th Goalie
9th-12th Attack
9th-12th Midfield
9th-12th Defense
9th-12th Goalie


Coach Chris Surran and our Iron Horse Staff will conduct the Iron Horse skill sessions.


Jesuit College Preparatory School 12345 Inwood Road Dallas TX 75244

Map link to Jesuit College Preparatory School

12345 Inwood Road Dallas, TX 75244

Summer 2022 Master Dallas Calendar

For Positional Skills only please go the the positional skills tab. Orange Highlights are Youth Skills (2030-2027), Blue is High School (2026-2023)

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Skill Session Status Location # of Sessions Cost
5th-8th Attack Jesuit 10 $415
5th-8th Defense Jesuit 10 $415
5th-8th Midfield Jesuit 10 $415
5th-8th Goalie SOLD OUT Jesuit 10 $415
High School Attack Jesuit 11 $450
High School Defense Jesuit 11 $450
High School Midfield Jesuit 11 $450
High School Goalie SOLD OUT Jesuit 11 $450

Iron Horse Skills Academy

The Iron Horse Academy skill sessions will be the cornerstone of the Iron Horse Lacrosse Club. Iron Horse will offer skill sessions for all levels of players from the elite player to the beginner. Iron Horse will use its regional staffs, which will consist of some of the countries best players and coaches, along with guest coaches, who will be players that have had success at the highest level of the mens and womens game, to assist in the perfection of each player’s fundamental skills. The Iron Horse skill sessions will also focus on advanced and more nuanced skills where appropriate to give the Iron Horse player every edge available to excel on the field. The enrollment numbers of Iron Horse skill sessions will always be limited so as to preserve low player to coach ratios and in order to ensure maximum repetitions for each participant.