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Iron Horse Practices Begin Tomorrow For Youth!

By Admin, 09/14/18, 11:30AM CDT


Dear Dallas Youth Parents and Players,

This email contains the following:

  • Master Calender Explanation
  • Practice times  and locations for this weekend
  • Inclement Weather Protocol
  • Coaches and Team Managers Contact List
  • Uniforms
  • Spirit Wear

Master Calendar Explanation

We have sent out the link to the master calendar several times but CLICK HERE to view the calendar.  The link is also on the home page of the website.  The Master Calendar shows more than just team events, but also our positional skills program (separate registration) and also our Holiday Camp (separate registration).  Field locations can change due to weather or Jesuit needs.  

Please note that we have changed fields for several practices to the turf since it was open and there is a possibility of inclement weather.  We will do this and always update the master schedule when we do so you will know as soon as we make the update.  

Date Event Time Grass Fields Turf Field
Saturday, September 15 27 10:30am-12:00pm 27 Grass  
Saturday, September 15 23 10:30am-12:30pm   23's Turf
Saturday, September 15 24 10:30am-12:30pm 24 Grass  
Saturday, September 15 26 8:30am-10:00am   26 Turf North
Saturday, September 15 28 and 29 8:30am-10:00am   29 Turf (behind north endzone)
Saturday, September 15 25 8:30am-10:30am   25 South
Sunday, September 16 27 11:00am-12:30pm 27 Grass  
Sunday, September 16 23 11:00am-12:30pm 23 Grass  

Inclement Weather

Please follow us on twitter for weather updates @ironhorselax

Twitter is the easiest and fastest way to learn about cancellations.  We will also do our best to get an email out via the website and notify coaches and team managers to communicate with teams.  

Unfortunately for us tomorrow could be a choppy start to practices weather wise.  We have moved some practices to the turf but we could not move all of them. 

We will make a call on practices an hour before they are set to begin so that those commuting do not have to drive.  We are not perfect by any means and sometimes we go for it only to be thwarted by the weather and other times we cancel and nothing happens.  Keep in mind that weather in one part of the metroplex is not the same as another.  

Safe Areas:  If we are faced with a tornado on the field we have several safe locations.  The bathroom banks at the south side of the stadium and the wrestling room inside the school which is underground.  

Jesuit has a lightening protocol that needs to be followed and I have added it below.  

Jesuit Lightening Protocol:

Jesuit has a built in lightening detector on the roof of their concession stand/bathroom bank on the south side of the stadium.  If the light starts to flash, there is lightening within 10 miles of the facility and the facility will be locked down for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Fans, players and coaches will be required to go to their cars.  No one is permitted to stay inside the athletic facility nor are they allowed to stand outside the gates for their own safety.  Any strike within 10 miles will reset the 30-minute clock on the lightening detector.  The athletic facility is all clear when the light stops flashing and the gates to the facility are unlocked by Jesuit personnel.  

Coaches and Team Managers Contact List

We are still looking for a few great team managers for 2026 and 2023 Citation.  Please email your coach and Tiffany Surran if you are interested in these positions.  

Coaches and Team Managers Contact List

Team Title Coaches Name Coaches Email Manager Name Team Manager Email
2029 Head Rick Crain Tiffany Surran
Assistant Sam Crain
2027 Head Jason Petty Andra Schwenk
Asst Hank Likes Amy Mitts
2026 Head Brandon Banister
Asst. Matt Young
2025 Co-Coach David Streeten Robbie Kipness
Co-Coach Matt OConnell
2024 Head Chase Wildes Rachel Hobbs
Asst Will McDonald Brian Hobbs
Asst Mike Cook
2023 Slew Head Matt Mueller Kendra Carter
Asst James Collins
Practice Only Chris Surran
2023 Citation Head Alex Puorro
Asst Ted Hovivian


Uniforms have been ordered and will be in towards the middle of October.  When they arrive an email will be sent out letting you know that they will be distributed at the next practice.

Spirit Wear

A spirit wear email was sent out last week.  Nothing is required.  Both the bag and spirit wear stores will close this Wednesday, September 19th.  CLICK HERE to read about the stores.  



Tiffany Surran