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Texas Draw Lacrosse

By Tiffany Surran, 06/06/24, 12:00PM CDT


Dear Parents and Players,

Here is some information on the Texas Draw for this weekend.  

Location:  Harold Patterson Park 1000 W. Bardin Rd. Arlington, TX 76017 (Field Map Attached)

When to arrive at the field before 1st games?

Typically we say be dressed and ready at your first field 45 minutes prior to your first game.  Each team coach can override that and do his own thing.  

Food, Snacks and Tents

It looks like we all only have 2 games on Saturday, so there probably will not be too much snacking between games, however, please remember to make good food choices while at the field and on a tournament weekend.  Bars, bagels, nuts, fruits are all good.  Dairy, sugary candy, sodas and fatty foods are bad choices on a tournament weekend.  Hopefully the players are drinking tons of water now and will continue to hydrate this weekend.  Propel packets or something of that nature are great for elecrolytes to add to water bottles.  

If your team does not have an Iron Horse tent (Ponies) please bring one.  It will be in the mid 90's and sunny on both Saturday and Sunday.  

We can also make an Iron Horse tent city as all of the fields are fairly close together.  

First Saturday Games as of 11:45 PM on June 6

2034 Carolina:  8:00 AM vs Booth Indians 2035 Field 16 A

2034 Navy:  8:00 AM vs Sentry 2034 Field 15 B

2034 Orange:  8:00 AM vs Rockdawgs Lax Field 15 A

2033:  10:30 AM vs Houston Lacrosse Club Field 16 A

2032:  8:50 AM vs Houston Lacrosse Club Field 16 A

2030:  8:00 AM vs True Chaos Field 13

2029:  8:50 AM vs  Booth Field 13

This is very important, please check SE Tourney one last time before you go to bed on Friday night.  If you have not downloaded SE Tourney from the App Store, please do so.  This is very important as schedules can change at the last minute.  Once you have opened SE Tourney, please swipe it away to close it.  A lot of times, updates do not come through unless you do this.  

Bracket Play

Each team has the pool play games listed in SE Tourney.  There is bracket play on Sunday when your pool play games have ended.   After you click on your team name in SE Tourney scroll down past your games and you will see "Bracket".  Click on "Bracket" to open it.  Each team is guaranteed 4 games.  

Below is an example and is the current 2034 Bracket


Tiffany Surran