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Iron Horse This Week: Lonestar Shootout and NAL

By Tiffany Surran, 11/07/23, 9:30AM CST



Please see the schedule this week and information I have so far on Lonestar Shootout and NAL.  More information coming on those as the week progresses.  

Schedule This Week:

For parking tonight Jesuit has the Football JV and Freshman banquet on campus so they said parking could be tight.  I asked for the gate under the bleachers near the baseball outfield to be opened as well tonight.  

Please note there are some extra practices added this week for some teams.  I will add them to GC today.  

North American Lacrosse

NAL Schedule on Tourney Machine:

Unlike last week, the 6 games are not all on the same tab but there are separate schedules for Saturday and Sunday so you will need to set it up to follow 2 schedules.  

I will send you guys a separate email like I did last week probably on Wednesday as NAL has not sent out their big email yet.  The email will include the itinerary all addresses, roster, etc.  

Please note that 2027 is at DE Turf on Saturday and Kirkwood on Sunday.  

Lonestar Shootout

Tourney Machine Schedule: 

Player Waiver:

Saturday all teams get 3 games and on Sunday each team will get 1 to 2 games depending on your seed and bracket.  Tourney Machine will update with your next game for Saturday morning but please remember to completely close out the app.  I will try to get a message out but Coach Surran and I have an event we have to attend Saturday evening.  


Tiffany Surran