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Everything you need to know about Cowboy Cup

By Tiffany Surran, 11/03/23, 11:30AM CDT


Dear Parents and Players,

CLICK HERE FOR COWBOY CUP SCHEDULE ON TOURNEY MACHINE please make sure to refresh this by completely swiping the app closed.  Sometimes the app does not refresh without doing this.  The schedules have been changing all week and the younger kids schedules changed last night.  I have added a color coded schedule by team below.  I suggest you print this and take it with you.  I included the playoff potential game time and field as well for every team.  

After closing out the app, please check Tourney Machine one final time tonight.  

When To Arrive At The Field?

It's usually 45 minutes prior to your first game UNLESS YOUR COACH TELLS YOU DIFFERENTLY and some have.  Give yourself enough time to park and walk to the fields (field map included again below).

Food Choices

Some of you are in and out quickly tomorrow while other teams have 3 games and will be out there longer.  Please make good food choices while out at the fields.  Granola bars, fruit bars, nuts, PB&J, bananas avoid high fat foods, fast food, sugary sodas and dairy and try to give your player time to digest their breakfast if they have an earlier game.  If you have a longer day, they will need to eat more but try to have them eat smaller portions spread out throughout the day.   

Mouthguards and Equipment

Please don't forget your mouthguard.  You have to wear it to play in games.  


Most teams at this point are chatting like crazy.  I am personally on 13 GameChangers.  I have been chiming into everyones GC regularly throughout the fall to answer questions.  I am not going to be able to keep up with that on a tournament weekend.   If there are any major issues, my cell phone is 214-392-8919.  I will tell you that the cell service at the field is not the best especially after the first few games of the day when there are so many people at the facility.  


Tiffany Surran