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Iron Horse Youth This Week: October 24-October 30

By Tiffany Surran, 10/23/22, 3:45PM CDT


Dear Youth Players and Parents,

This is our last week to start at 5:30 PM on the grass during weekdays.  Next week we will move the mid week practices to 6:00 PM on the baseball field permanently.  Just a reminder if you want to look ahead on the schedule it is always available to you.  The link is on the top left of the home page where the calendar graphic is but I will link it again here:

I have fielded a lot of questions about Saturday, I always have to schedule around the alumni/parent homecoming concert at Jesuit which is outdoors in the athletic facilities.  THERE IS NO PRACTICE ON SATURDAY for anyone.   This is not a deviation from the original schedule.  

Also skills are over for field players but not for goalies.  Field players had 2 midweek skills and goalies did not have midweek skills so that is why they are still going.   Please note below that goalie skills are not at their normal time next Sunday, due to the homecoming concert cleanup.  

Shooter Shirts and Some Missing Items

If we did not see you at practice this weekend then you will get your shooter shirt at the mid week practice this week.  Youth Extra Large and 2 Youth Mediums  were back ordered.  It's possible we may not have them for the first tournament.  Fingers crossed.  Below are all of the missing shooters and a few missing jersey's.  Missing practice reversibles came in and will be bagged with shooters.  


Tiffany Surran