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Iron Horse This Week: Here We Go! Week 1 of Summer and May Madness Update

By Tiffany Surran, 05/16/22, 10:00AM CDT


If you registered after I placed the uniform order, your jersey number is missing from the list above.  If you need that for waivers or to email college coaches now, just email me at with your players name and shorts and jersey sizes and I will match you up as best I can to my extras.  

Dear Iron Horse Players and Parents,

Iron Horse Summer Week 1 Here We Go!  Just a reminder, the skills sessions included below are a separate registration.  Since so many of you sign up for them as well, I will keep them in my weekly schedule reminders.  If you are not registered for skills and would like to participate please use the link below to register.   Also just a reminder that especially for our high school players, since we pull from so many high schools and ISD's, our final exam schedules span about 3 weeks.  If you are in exam week, your studies are your first priority.  We need to start practices though as we have tournaments coming up quickly.  We are not keeping track of who is and who is not coming the first few weeks so please just finish strong!

Just a reminder, when you see Anderson listed as your parking location, that is what the lot south of Willow is called.  Also please note, that we have lots of teams practicing on the grass this week  so please do not pull into the grass area with your car.  That will be very unsafe with so many players out there.  

Facility map for Jesuit at the bottom of the email and address for Jesuit is 12345 Inwood Rd Dallas, TX 75244.  


May Madness Contest Results After Round 1


Aiden Ferguson Dallas 2026 is our only perfect bracket after round 1! 

2 other participants picked the Delaware upset from last night, Zachary Johnson Dallas 2025 and RJ Gerlach Austin 2028.    The last 4 minutes of the Delaware come from behind win over Georgetown is on the NCAA website and youtube if you missed it.  

This one will be interesting down the stretch as those that may have scored high on this round picked Georgetown to go all the way or at least into the championship game.  It's anyones contest at this point!  Here is a list of anyone that scored 10 or higher after round 1:

Please note this is not a full list of all of the entries.  It only contains those entries that scored 16-10 on the first round.  Anyone that scored under 10 in the first round is not included below.  

Player First Name Player Last Name City Team First Round
Aiden Ferguson Dallas 2026 16
Dylan Gibbons Houston 2025 14
Alex Jimenez Dallas 2027 14
Fred Merkt Dallas 2028 14
Oliver Moore Houston 2029 14
Oliver Moore Houston 2029 14
Andrew Morgan Austin 2031 14
Hudson Rich Houston 2030 14
Driggs Stepanian Houston 2028 14
Stone Tubbs Dallas 2026 14
Archer Voss Austin 2031 14
Thomas Williams Dallas 2027 14
Jack Anderson Austin 2027 12
Landon Armenta Houston 2030 12
David Atwell Dallas 2026 12
Tanner Bailey Dallas 2028 12
August Bloede Austin 2028 12
Theron Campiti Dallas 2027 12
Brooks Fowler Dallas 2028 12
Thomas Gagliardi Dallas 2027 12
RJ Gerlach Austin 2028 12
Drew Haffner Houston 2023 12
Zachary Johnson Dallas 2025 12
Ryan Kearns Houston 2023 12
Alden Kenny Dallas 2030 12
Joey Knysh Houston 2031 12
Calder Major Houston 2028 12
Will Marshall Dallas 2023 12
Finn Mittelholzer Austin 2032 12
George Murchison Austin 2029 12
Mack Murphy Dallas 2027 12
Matthew Park Dallas 2026 12
Diego Salinas Austin 2028 12
Tate Self Austin 2027 12
Hart Surran Dallas 2029 12
Colin Voss Austin 2033 12
Hudson Yeskie Dallas 2027 12
Sam Braloner Austin 2027 10
Lowry Carter Austin 2027 10
Patrick Gagliardi Dallas 2026 10
Logan Gair Dallas 2033 10
Will Green Dallas 2027 10
Henry Latta Dallas 2025 10
Harrison Major Houston 2030 10
Colin McDavid Austin 2029 10
Nolan Miller Austin 2028 10
Hudson Neri Dallas 2026 10
Austin Price Austin 2028 10
Jacob Santosuosso Dallas 2029 10
Reese Stepanian Houston 2024 10

Disregard the red circle below.  


Tiffany Surran