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Iron Horse Mid Spring Season Update For High School Players

By Tiffany Surran, 04/06/22, 11:30AM CDT


Looking for the mid spring season update for youth?  Open the document below.  

Dear High School Players,

First and foremost, please make sure that the appropriate people are getting this email.  I can not control who gets these website emails from your registrations.  If someone is not getting these emails, please go to the home page of the website, log in to your account and check your communication settings.  I will be emailing you a lot over the next several months!

I wanted to send a mid spring season update on summer Iron Horse and address some FAQ’s.  Included below is information about:


  • Summer Travel Logistics Spreadsheet

  • Vineyard Vines Iron Horse Belts Purchase for Easter Basket Gifts

  • Summer Practice Schedule

  • Team Texas

  • Positional Skills

  • T99

  • Questions?  Please ask questions to Tiffany Surran


If you are new to Iron Horse, we use a lot of Google Docs to help keep everyone organized.  The Summer Travel Logistics Spreadsheet has all of the logistical information about each tournament and includes, tournament websites,  dates, grad years attending, locations, flight planning information, waivers, hotel blocks.  It is a live spreadsheet that will update in real time and the link is accessible from the home page of the Iron Horse website.  


Summer Travel Logistics Spreadsheet: 


Primetime Hotel Block:  They are going to start releasing these rooms soon because they are running out of availability in the area.  This is a stay and play so you must book here:,214820,214820&roomType=946884,946886,946888&currency=USD&groupName=Iron+Horse+~2023,+2024+&+2025


All Other Hotel Blocks: 


About Flights Home After A Tournament:  Included in the spreadsheet link is a column for logistics or flight planning.  This is a ballpark but I have gathered this information from each tournament.  Please understand that weather can sometimes change this and it is always the best idea to book the last flight out or plan an extra day on the back end of a tournament to visit colleges, etc.  


Vineyard Vines Iron Horse belts make a great Easter Basket present!  Porch pick up near Walnut Hill/Midway for Easter, otherwise I will pass them out to you at practice.  Sizes are 30-44.  I have $5,000 worth of belts that I bought but the order came extremely late and since the company did not meet Christmas delivery and no one had paid yet, I did not want people to feel obligated to purchase!  I included the picture of the VV belts below also.  Please also order your VV belts here: 


Summer Practice Schedule:


I usually have a meeting with Jesuit at the very end of April and create the summer practice schedule, once finalized, I will email it out.  It usually utilizes weekends until school gets out and then most of our practices occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (because we are at tournaments on the weekend).  We will begin summer practices the week of 5/15/22.  Here is last summer’s schedule if you want to take a look and it will probably be fairly similar.  We will not practice over Memorial Day weekend.  We are also shut down surrounding July 4th every summer.  Jesuit shuts its entire campus down during that time: 


Pinnacle Lacrosse Championship:  The coaches from Austin, Dallas and Houston have a meeting this Friday about Team Texas.  It may take through the weekend to get invites out.  We are all juggling a lot of different things right now.  Here is the info for Team Texas, but no invites have gone out yet.   

Pinnacle Lacrosse Championship

Iron Horse Texas

July 16-17


Maryland Soccer Plex; Boyds, MD



Summer Positional Skills:  Starting to get tons of questions on skills registration.  I wait until the schedule is finalized with Jesuit before opening the registration.   


T99 is a showcase event that now takes place at Jesuit every year and is run by Harvard head coach Gerry Byrne.  Showcases are an integral part of the recruiting process.  T99 is a great showcase that has been around longer than we have and I highly recommend that you go to this event.  When something like this takes place in your own backyard you go!  The college coach list is on their website for this summer and is phenomenal.  T99, known as the first recruiting event of the summer, has really helped our players get on college coach radars for the remainder of the summer where they can follow up and see them at future events:


Good luck in your final push to playoffs! 



Tiffany Surran