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Iron Horse Lacrosse Welcome: Let's Get Going and Spiritwear

By Tiffany Surran, 08/25/21, 10:15AM CDT


Dear Horses,

Welcome to Iron Horse Lacrosse Fall 2021!

For those of you that are new, I email out from the website weekly during the season.  Youth teams also have team managers that help coaches and form their own team communication.  I highlight what each email is about in bullet points at the top of the email and then go into greater detail  on that topic in the body of the email so you can find the sections that pertain to you.  These emails can be found on the home page of the website as part of the slideshow in case you miss them you can always go there to catch up.  

In this email you will find:

  • Master Calendar Link
  • Positional Skills
  • Uniforms
  • Youth Section
  • High School Section
  • Boathouse Order:  Due Aug 30th
  • Team Lax Order:  Due Aug 30th; Includes helmet and spirit wear
  • Iron Horse Lacrosse Bag with LaxGear:  Due Aug 30th
  • Update on Vineyard Vines Gear

Master Calendar

THE LINK BELOW IS ALWAYS ON THE HOME PAGE OF THE WEBSITE FOR EASY ACCESS.  The google spreadsheet link is a live link which updates in real time.  I just went over the calendar again yesterday with Jesuit and the only thing that has changed is the first week of high school practice, and  1 youth practice on 9/14.  They are moving a senior retreat to campus that is traditionally off campus due to Covid and no other activities can take place on the 14th and 15th of September on campus.   


Positional Skills

Last call on positional skills.  Many are sold out.  CLICK HERE to register and for more information.  Positional skills start this Saturday unless you are a goalie and goalie skills are on Sunday.  


When and how do we get our uniforms?  This is probably the single biggest question I get when we start the season.  

Uniforms have been ordered and are shipped directly to me.  Once in hand they will be distributed at practices.  They will be in around the first week of October.  

Youth Practices Start This Weekend!

By now, all of my youth players should have gotten an email from their coach and have heard from your team managers.  2029 and 2028 are using Team Snap and 2027 and 2026 are using GroupMe.  Coaches emails contained full rosters with jersey numbers and included both practice players (if the pp ordered a uniform) and team players.  

If you have not gotten any of these communications please contact me at  

Below are your first practices.  For the turf field please park in the main school parking lot unless otherwise instructed.  The turf field is the main stadium field behind the new natatorium.  

If you have a grass practice, please park in the new parking lot across Willow and walk over to the grass field from there.  PLEASE DO NOT EVER PULL INTO THE GATE THAT LEADS TO THE GRASS FIELD.  That parking is for coaches and personnel and although tempting if the gate is open,  is not to be used by parents.  Thank you for your help with this matter! 

Saturday August 28th Iron Ponies 2031/2032/2033 8:00 AM-9:00 AM Grass West
Saturday August 28th Youth Practice 2029 9:00 AM-10:30 AM Turf South
Saturday August 28th Youth Practice 2028 9:00 AM-10:30 AM Turf North
Saturday August 28th Youth Practice 2027 10:30 AM-12:00 PM Turf South
Saturday August 28th Youth Practice 2026 10:30 AM-12:00 PM Turf North

High School

High school practices begin September 13th.  

While I have been mainly concentrating on getting the youth going so far, I do want to point out that a practice was added for you on Friday, September 17th to make up for one of the practices removed due to the senior retreat that has been moved to campus.  

Using the Master Calendar link above please note that your tournaments are all on the second tab of that spreadsheet.  All travel guidelines are updated and hotel blocks are starting to go up.  Please begin making your travel arrangements now.  

Boathouse Order: Due August 30th

I am excited about this order because we have never ordered from Boathouse and I know that many of you have asked for this.  There is a 6 piece minimum per product which I am sure we will have no problem hitting.  You order directly with Boathouse and once the store closes on September 1st they process your orders and they ship directly to the customer.  You should have these items in hand by mid October.  Questions?  Contact Boathouse directly tel:877-672-9257 or  


TeamLax Sprit Store: Due August 30th

Optional spiritwear and helmets (+ decals) are at Team Lax in Frisco.  They have set up an online store that closes on August 30th.  Everything will be shipped directly to you once the order is processed.  Do you have questions about the Team Lax store?  Please contact Ricky at or call (469) 362 8529.


Laxgear Lacrosse Bag Store: Due August 30th

CLICK HERE FOR THE LAXGEAR BAG STORE  You will need to use the password IronHorse 

The bag options are the Mega Bag, or the Lax Pack in Navy.  These bags are great for air travel but the Mega is the only one that will fit a short shaft.  I can't say enough about these bags.  In the 15 years of organizing lacrosse teams, I can honestly say this is the only vendor I have not changed and I have changed ALOT of vendors over the years.  

These bags are ordered directly from LaxGear and then shipped to your home.  Do you have questions?  Please reach out to Aaron at  

Vineyard Vines Potential Order

Right now it looks like the belt order may make.  Houston and Austin have to finish registration first.  They are a bit behind us.  Sadly, the bag order probably will not make.  More on this after Houston and Austin are done with registration.  Also, I will send out the list and give others the opportunity to jump on board the belt order.  

This is an 80 piece minimum so we will probably not do this again for quite some time!


Tiffany Surran